Do you spend the day doing stuff you wished someone else would do for you?


Are you really busy and need help organising your digital marketing?


Do you need someone to put your Social Media Strategy in place?


Are you passionate about your business and building your following, but hate systems with a passion, or maybe just haven’t got the time to learn them? You got yourself to a great place and want to make your business even more successful, but you just haven’t got enough minutes in the day.


Does any of this sound like you?


My name is Jacky and I’m a social media strategist and digital marketer. I’m hard working, extremely organised and can provide office help and support, as and when you need it. I am detail orientated and love using systems to automate and make life easier.


If you’ve started your business and know what direction you want to take, but you just need some help tackling those tasks you just don’t have time for.


If you want someone to help organise your work life, help automate and optimise your marketing and customer relationships. Most of all, if you want someone who can work with you to take your business to the next level..   why not leave it to me to look after the stuff I’m good at, while you concentrate on all those things that made you start you busines in the first place!
Once I know what you need, I can take the necessary steps to help you move forwards and take some of that stress away. So if you have a task that you don’t like doing, not sure if you are doing it efficiently, or just not sure how to get started…. Get in touch



If you’re not quite there yet, learn more about me here.. or sign up for my newsletter below, its free and full of facts and that way you can keep in touch, until you’re ready for the next step